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I have been a big hockey fan since I was a kid so naturally I am glad to see the season back in action.  I must admit that this is usually the time of year when I start to pay less attention to hockey and start following my new-found love of NASCAR.  Typically by now in the NHL season we know who the good teams are and bad ones are but it hasn’t really come down to the last few points for the bubble teams yet so I don’t mind missing a little hockey.  Now that I watched Danica take the pole for Daytona I feel like I should be switching gears a bit and getting into the preseason NASCAR hype.  But that’s just it.  It is all hype right now.  All these talks about off-season preparation and how well they expect their team to do.  Last year I was pumped to see Carl Edwards on the pole for Daytona but all that did was lead to a disappointing season week in and week out.  Don’t get me wrong I will still be watching Daytona and I am pretty much counting the days till I’m at the Vegas race but this year I don’t want to get too caught up in all the preseason hype and give the NHL it’s fair share of my attention.  As I have been writing this post and thinking about my up coming trip to Vegas for a race it has dawned on me that I have been to three NASCAR races in the past two years and have been to a NHL game in almost five-year.  I guess I better start planning a road trip…

As close as I could get to the 99 car

As close as I could get to the 99 car

Quick NHL Thoughts

  • I’m an Avalanche fan so things are looking good
  • Teemu Selanne is a stud and I love seeing him still doing so well
  • Chicago is obviously going to be the team to beat in the West
  • I am liking Boston in the East
  • Vancouver needs to actually trade a goalie and not just talk about it.  Speaking of that, Matt Barnaby purposed a trade on his podcast that I found intriguing.  Luongo, Bieksa, and a good pick for Ovechkin.  I would love to see this.  I hate the Canucks but if this happened I would be an instant Vancouver fan.
  • By the way Matt Barnaby’s podcast is great!


Quick NASCAR Thoughts

  • Cool to see Danica on the pole.  I hope for her sake she has a good year and shuts up all the critics.  Bottom line she attracts fans and is good for the sport leave her alone and see how she does this year
  • I have big hopes for the 99 team and Carl Edwards to turn things around.
  • I’m not sure what to expect from Harvick.  I’m a fan and am really looking forward to when he is running with Stewart but its gotta be strange to run all year with RCR knowing he is leaving






First time out this winter

Our family is into snowmobiling and I thought I should share the story about our first trip out this year. So the in-laws were in town and the weather wasn’t too cold for the kids. Father-in-law brought two sleds down with him on the truck deck and we loaded one on the trailer. We had done our pre-season check up and run them at the house. This was the first time taking our 2 year old for a ride. Snow gear on and away we go to our usual spot about 10 min drive from the house. There was enough of a trail so we could drive the truck up the road to avoid parking on the main road. Parked the truck without getting stuck and dump the first sled off the trailer. Second and third sleds were locked on the deck on the truck. Sled number two comes off no problem, sled three not so much. The master lock decided it was too old and would not unlock anymore. F’ing great… So we piss around trying to get it unlocked for awhile and end up removing one for the skis to get it out. Now all sleds are on the ground, kids are excited to get going and I go to start my machine that was the first off and had already been warmed up. First pull on the cord, it busts and comes off right in my hand… Wonderful… Luckily we had a spare cord in another sled that we used to wrap the clutch and that fired it up right away. After the bit of a shit show getting started the day turned out pretty good. My 6 year old daughter road with me and she went from being timid to asking to go faster and faster. My father-in-law took my 2 year old on with him and drove slow but he loved it. All we ended up doing was following the trail up the mountain for about 5 km and stopping and cooking hot dogs before come back.

Cooking hot dogs on the trail

Cooking hot dogs on the trail