Countdown to NASCAR pool

First let me say that I am a relatively new fan of NASCAR.  In 2011 was lucky enough to win booth tickets to the March race in Phoenix.  Growing up my Dad was a fan so I had heard about a few drivers but never followed it much.  I brought my Dad and father in law, new to NASCAR as well, to the race and as soon as we walked up to the track we were hooked.  Just the roar of the trucks running for practice was enough to reel us in.  We loved the experience so much we bought tickets to the November race and now watch every weekend.  Anyway last year was my first time participating in a NASCAR pool and I ended up 6th out of about 130.  This year I want to move up and into the money. The guy that runs the pool assigns drivers points based off of last years standings and you have to pick 5 drivers who’s points equal under 100 points.  So I need to come up with some underdog pics who will out perform their last year finish.  I’m leaning towards either Busch brother, Carl Edwards and Tony Stewart.  These are my picks for the guys I think will improve on last years finishes.  Let me know what you think

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