Family Fun In The Sun

We live in a small town and one of the benefits is the great outdoors!  We are a family who doesn’t mind getting out exploring what nature has to offer.  From our front door we can be on the backroads and ready for adventure in under 5 minutes.  We had the opportunity to get out and enjoy some family fun in the sun.

We loaded up the kids quads and set out for a little spot we found geocaching last year with an amazing view of falls and a little wading area to cool down.  The trek in is about an hour with kids so the quads make it a lot easier especially when you have a three year old in tow.

Once we park the quads and start hiking it is a nice shaded walk along the creek that leads to the river and the falls!  A quick journey to see an impression view of the falls and take a little break for lunch.

falls trip family fun in the sun

We always pack a backpack full of kid snacks, a first aid kit, a few towels, lots of water, sunscreen, bug spray and a few other necessities we know will make the trip a success.  My tip is to have the items ready to go at a moments notice so you can do a last minute grab and go.

We ended up spending a couple hours playing in the water and enjoying some family time together.  No cell service and no worries so it made for a pretty impressive excursion.  The best part is the kids are tired out by the end of the hike so they are pretty quiet for the rest of the evening!  Quiet kids in our house means the adults can enjoy a little free time for a change!

What family fun activities do you like doing in the summer?

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